Trainer Math

Trainer Math doesn’t add up when someone takes on more horses than they can manage or does not charge what it really costs. But owners also must be realistic and responsible about their expectations. When the books don’t balance, it is often the horse that pays the price.

Horse Math, part 2

Horse Math doesn’t add up; it is mostly subtraction. The first Horse Math calculation is how much money you are going to spend. This applies to both purchase price and ongoing maintenance. For the average horse owner, upkeep is the main expense. The purchase price is only the beginning of the one-way cash flow.

Horse Math, part 1

Horse Math doesn’t add up; it is mostly subtraction. It doesn’t matter if you are one of the big dogs or live in a camper and struggle to pay the feed bill, your equestrian bottom line is almost always in the red. Horse prices are extremely subjective, and the market fluctuates with both fads and the economy in general. When one does Horse Math, remember that it is subtractive and do not overspend beyond what your pocketbook can handle.

Shelter from the Storm

The horse evolved to survive in cold, dry climates during the Ice Age. Modern horses are still well-equipped to survive harsh weather, but some of our management practices keep horses from using their natural instincts and the protection biology gave them. So we need to provide a substitute for what we have taken away.

The Lowly Lead Rope

Every horse needs a halter and every halter needs a lead rope.   We use a lead rope for two basic purposes:  leading the horse and tying the horse.  Again, what seems like a simple piece of equipment has many nuances. If you only led your horse and never tied it, a flat lead line, as seen … Continue reading The Lowly Lead Rope